" 'Ello there, I'm Caitlin!"


Caitlin is a streamlined tender engine.


Before the war, she and her best friend Connor would bring passengers across the the Vicarstown Rolling Bridge to Sodor from the Mainland and back again. The two were very close and would always race. Caitlin was very close with Connor and the two were the best of friends. Caitlin missed him dearly while he was missing, but she moved on after the war ended and he joined the Ministry of Defence. Although Caitlin was without her best friend, she managed and remained her usual self.

Season 3 Edit

Caitlin was seen at Knapford Station when Lady and 089 returned. She later attended the meeting held by Sir Stephen Topham Hatt concerning The Assassin.

Later, Caitlin tried to return to the Mainland by crossing The Maindland, but she was derailed by Andy. She was eventually taken to the Steamworks.

Caitlin was seen being repaired in the Steamworks during the events of Smudger. She returned to the Mainland to resume her passenger services.

089 almost crashed into Caitlin on his way to fight The Mastermind.

Season 4Edit



​Caitlin is a fast and energetic streamlined engine. She enjoys helping her friends and taking passenger trains. But above all, Caitlin loves racing the most, especially with Connor.


Season 3

Man in the Shadows (cameo) • Stress (cameo) • Attack of the AssassinSmudger (cameo) • The Road to Sodor(cameo)


  • Nick has confirmed that she will play a bigger role in Season 4 and the remastered version of Season 1.