"What's wrong, 089?"


Brad is a shunter.


Brad was built on the LBSCR and was sent to Tankopia to work, alongside Chance and eventually 089 for a brief time.

The Origins of 089

Brad met and befriended 089 and the two, along with Chance, spent the day together having fun. Mr. Green eventually came to pick an engine to be sent to Sodor and chose 089, but Brad tried to convince him to pick him. This was a futile effort.

Season 2

Brad cameoed with Chance and 089 in the background of the season premiere, but this is noncannon and is just an advertisement for The Origins of 089.

Later in the season, 089 brought Brad and Chance to the mainland where they fought in the final battle of the Locomotive Wars.

Season 3

Brad attended a celebration where the 08S were praised by General Phoenix in front of a large crowd.

Season 4

Brad has been confirmed to appear in the fourth season.


Brad hasn't had enough focus to be given a proper personality summary. However he will appear in the fourth season with multiple episodes focusing on him.


  • Brad's character was not written by Nick, it was written by friend and fellow YouTuber, Owen Thomas

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