"My name is BoCo. I am from Sodor. I come to seek engines from the Ministry of Defence..."

- BoCo

BoCo is a large green diesel.


Season 2 Edit

The Diesel Army Edit

Before Connor and his friends returned to the portal, BoCo had a mission for Ivo Hugh: invade a diesel factory and prevent the Diesel Army from using a super-powered fuel.

Season 3 Edit


BoCo took Sir Stephen Topham Hatt and Justin Brown to the Arlesburgh Pub from Knapford Station. More TBA


BoCo is one of the older, but kinder engines on Sodor. He is fair, but firm and always maintains his authority, as he, Marion and Edward are the only ones on Sodor who can keep Bill and Ben in order. When he first came to Sodor, the latter mentioned twins played a trick on him when he took their cars by mistake. Ever since then he has been good friends with the two, as well as all the other engines on Sodor. Some engines were suspicious of him at first since he was a diesel, but they eventually saw BoCo's true colors and warmed up to him.


Season 2

The Diesel Army

Season 3

All of BoCo's third season appearances will be listed here once Season 3 is completed.


  • BoCo was the first protagonist Diesel introduced in the series