"I say, that's certaintly a massive crane!"

-Flying Scotsman

Big Mickey is a massive crane situated at Brendam Docks.


Big Mickey was built at Brendam Docks to help unload ships. When Flying Scotsman, and Stepney arrived, Scotsman commented on the size of the crane. Cranky told him it's name was Big Mickey.


Big Mickey has no persona, as it isn't sentient. Cranky however is delusional and believes the crane is alive and refers to it as a 'he'. He will have a face in future appearances though, like in Thomas and Friends.


Season 3

The Ones Who Know


  • Big Mickey's model was built out of two spare Cranky models, popsicle sticks, and a construction brick brand simillar to LEGO.
  • Big Mickey's model is currently being remade.

Voice ActorEdit

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