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"One word out of you, tram engine, and I'll blow you to bits in a second flat."


Attack of the Assassin is the twenty-fourth episode of Quest 89 . It is the fourth episode of the third season.


Caitlin arrives at the Vicarstown Rolling Bridge to return to the Mainland. As the bridge lowers, a diesel emerges from the other side. His name is Andy and he pushes Caitlin off then rails immediatley. Before he can leave, he is confronted by Hiro, who had just arrived at the bridge. Andy pushes him into the river, as he seems to have a history with the latter. Andy then heads to the scrapyard to search for other diesels.

Meanwhile at the Clay Pits, the assassin strikes again! He uses a rocket launcher to destroy Timothy's train. Luckily the latter escapes just in time. Nelson, a truck from Jenny Packard's construction team, tells all the construction vehilces to get out of the way. Once everyone is at a safe distance, Byron the bulldozer notices Jack the front loader is stuck. He goes back to help him, but dies alongside him due to the assassin.

Later that evening, BoCo and Diesel 10 are discussing the day's events when Andy arrives. The latter introduces himself and informs the two that he is to replace Thomas, 089 and Toby on the Ffarquarh branchline while they look for the assassin, recieve an overhaul and are missing in action respectively. He also informs them that more diesel engines may come in the near future. Toby then arrives with the assassin, a flatbed and a barkevan. The assassin informs Toby that he'll blow him to bits if he tells anyone he's being forced to work for him. The Professor emerges from the brakevan and introduces his team to the assassin: Professor's Gang. After the assassin wipes out some workers, he also explains that he noticed a rare mineral in the clay pits that will help the gang construct a "doomsday device". Oil will power this device and according to the Professor, Sailor John owns an oil rig outside of Brendam. Thomas watches from inside a shed as the group discusses their plan. He decideds that he won't let their plans become a reality. . .



  • Vicarstown Bridge
  • Sodor China Clay Pits
  • Scrap Yard


  • This episode uses a scrap yard set that was primarily used in the first cut of A Tale of Two Trains.
  • On August 3 2017, Nick announced that he has begun remastering the episode.


Attack of the Assassin (24)-0

Attack of the Assassin (24)-0

The episode.