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Arry and Bert were diesel shunters who were forced to work in the Diesel Army.


Arry and Bert were built on the mainland before they came to Sodor. The two troublesome diesels usually shunted trains for other engines but were sometimes found working at quarries or double heading a train. They were owned by the Ironworks and spent most of their time working there. Arry and Bert often tried to get engines scrapped as they believed that diesels were superior. Either way they were both hard workers, but that all changed however when they were captured by D199 and Andy. The two were brainwashed and made into a soldiers for the army. These two were not cloned.

The Origins of 089 Edit

Arry and Bert fought 089 in the Sodor Dieselworks using Lazer Pistols. They eventually crashed and were eliminated from the battle.

Season 1 Edit

Arry and Bert gaurded Diesel in the scrapyard when Connor and the others arrived. They tried to stop them but crashed.

Season 2 Edit

Arry and Bert participated in a few battles and were eliminated every time. During the final battle, they were killed in an explosion.


Much like the majority of the Diesel Army, Arry and Bert had no persona as their minds were wiped and they werebeing controlled like a hive mind.



The Origins of 089

Season 1

Connor V.S. Diesel

Season 2

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