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"And that, everyone, are the 08S: heroes of their kind"

-General Phoenix Brown

08S (pronounced zero-eightz) are the group of engines modified by Charlie and Ronno to stop The Diesel Army.


08S were the creations of Charlie and Ronno. Zero, for a project, zero, people needed to know about. Eight, for eight main engines and one leader. These engines were made at various locations. but modified at the 08 Lab. But when no sign of war occured, they were scattered across islands near Europe to live out their lives normally.  Until danger came, then the leader was made, and sent to investigate Tankopia. But he was taken down quite easily and sent to Sodor. But while he was there he met two engines: Clewp and Gunner. They were captured and taken to the Vicarstown Dieselworks, but they escaped! Not all was cheery though, Gunner lost an eye, 089 almost exploded and Ronno was killed miles away. This promted Charlie to take action! He sent 089 to find the other 08S and Flying Scotsman sent Connor to find 089.

Many escapades and adventures were had by the 08S: Connor left to find three engines who apparently tried to search for 089 in the past: Thomas, Percy, Ivo Hugh and Diesel. Diesel told his colleges, Splatter and Dodge, about 089 and it became a race to find him. Ivo Hugh got sunglasses, Connor met a rail-ship named Frank, Thomas was kidnapped and almost scrapped, A lorry used to transport engines was constructed and after all of this Connor still had not located 089. But no extreme danger had occured, until the threat of The Diesel Army appeared! But the 08S stopped them, more specifecly, Denton stopped them.

Since one 08 is down, the power is down, as they're unity is what truly powers them. Now the veterans of war hide in the reality of everyday life, but one remains in the shadows... Watching... waiting... waiting for danger to arise...


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