"Look Dodge, that little green engine is with Connor !" "We better go catch him!"

-Splatter and Dodge

00 Hugh is the fifth episode of Quest 89.

Plot Edit

Percy and Ivo Hugh get the day of from their jobs so they look for clues about 089. Percy searches the valley and Ivo Hugh searches Thomas' branch line. As Percy searches, Splatter and Dodge race after him. Percy is chased towards Ivo Hugh (who is wearing shades) and a bridge. Hugh stops the diesels and headbuts them. He the pulls out a rocket and wacks them in the face. Finally, his driver pulls out a box of grenades and blows up the bridge as Ivo Hugh lands into Bulstrode. He later interrogates Edward, who says nothing of importance.

Characters Edit


  • Unnamed Junction
  • ​Abandoned Branchline


00 Hugh

00 Hugh